kitchen init command install test-kitchen new version

kitchen init install test-kitchen new version ?

I use kitchen 1.3.1

Today(2015-07-10) I typed following command

kitchen init --driver=kitchen-vagrant

result is

      create  .kitchen.yml
      create  test/integration/default
      create  .gitignore
      append  .gitignore
      append  .gitignore
Fetching: test-kitchen-1.4.1.gem (100%)
Successfully installed test-kitchen-1.4.1
Fetching: kitchen-vagrant-0.18.0.gem (100%)
Successfully installed kitchen-vagrant-0.18.0
Parsing documentation for kitchen-vagrant-0.18.0
Installing ri documentation for kitchen-vagrant-0.18.0
Parsing documentation for test-kitchen-1.4.1
Installing ri documentation for test-kitchen-1.4.1
Done installing documentation for kitchen-vagrant, test-kitchen after 1 seconds
2 gems installed

check kitchen version and init help

kitchen version

$ kitchen version
Test Kitchen version 1.4.1

kitchen init help

$ kitchen help init
  kitchen init

  -D, [--driver=one two three]                   # One or more Kitchen Driver gems to be installed or added to a Gemfile
                                                 # Default: kitchen-vagrant
  -P, [--provisioner=PROVISIONER]                # The default Kitchen Provisioner to use
                                                 # Default: chef_solo
      [--create-gemfile], [--no-create-gemfile]  # Whether or not to create a Gemfile if one does not exist. Default: false

  Init will add Test Kitchen support to an existing project for convergence integration testing. A default .kitchen.yml file (which is intended to be customized) is created in the project's root directory and one or more gems will be added to the project's Gemfile.
Written on July 10, 2015