Berksfile specify GitHub tag


I want to specify the version which cookbook is from github.

This site is about Berkshelf.

A lot of information is there.

Cookbook from GitHub specify version

I want to write following

  • cookbook from github
  • cookbook name is r-compiledfromsource
  • tag 0.3.0

Berksfile line is below.

cookbook 'r-compiledfromsource', github: "rikenbit/r-compiledfromsource-cookbook", tag: "0.3.0"


It’s useful for cookbook dependencies management among developers.

But forget to remove or update this file during development.

Sometimes I confused that behavior is different from my expectation.

Berksfile.lock is update by

berks update


berks update COOKBOOKS

Start from clean.

rm -rf Berksfile.lock cookbooks
Written on July 16, 2015